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Shawn Bennion
CEO of Shawn Bennion Training &
Certified Associate of the Connective Leadership Institute

Shawn Bennion lives to inspire. One client called him the “Igniter” because he takes the elements of existing structures, personnel, and attitudes and ignites them into powerful systems to fuel powerful growth. For example, he led a restructure of sales systems and strategy for a client resulting in a 533% increase of clientele by  in just 7 months! This client soon hit the Inc 5000 list. Another client saw profits increase by 2.5 times in just 2.5 months. This growth comes through joining the development of your people to key organizational goals through powerful principles proven to propel your organization to success.

Shawn has been inspiring lives as a trainer, consultant, coach, and instructor for 15 years. His career includes teaching at universities, training executives, and improving efficiencies as a business trainer & consultant for a broad array of organizations, including a $3 Billion international company, a Big 10 University, and a renowned leadership institute.

His education includes Claremont Graduate University, the University of Chicago, Purdue University, and Brigham Young University.

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